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Home device to monitor pregnancy pathway..

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Home device to monitor pregnancy pathway..    The mobile device is designed under the brand name "Alivia" to monitor the course of pregnancy, measure fetal heart rate, motor activity, and other important parameters.

"Ilyphia" analyzes the results and transmits them remotely to the doctor, allowing you to track a woman's condition anywhere 24/7. In the event of complications and unwanted symptoms, the device helps the doctor take swift action to maintain the pregnancy.

    The new model of the screen with a touch screen allows you to deliver monitoring parameters (heart imaging) both digitally and in graphs. The device is also equipped with a built-in 3G modem to transmit data via mobile communications.

    Clinical trials of the Ilivia device were conducted at the Scientific Centre for Obstetrics, Obstetrics, and Perinatal Diseases named after academic F. A. Kolarov. As noted by the Chief of Perinatal Care Management, Dr. Yuri Nabereznev, who oversaw the test, the use of the device was found to be optimal for monitoring the condition of the fetus in high-risk groups outside medical institutions.

    "Iliphia" will be useful for monitoring a complex or multiple load path. Will A

    "Iliphia" will be useful for monitoring a complex or multiple load path. The portable version of the device will allow you to be diagnosed at home, avoiding stressful situations for pregnant mothers.

Comment: roszdravnadzor unaffectionately lists the ingredients included in local development:

  • Ultrasound Sensor, US Transformer, Citro America, USA

  • Strain Scale, TOCO Transformer, Citro America, USA.
  • A portable recorder carrying a bag, Wenger, Switzerland.
  • Belt to connect the sensor, Russia.
  • USB charger device, Russia.
  • Ultrasound gel, Russia
  • The "Ilifia-WS" program from the doctor's workstation on a USB flash drive, and a size of at least 4GB, Russia.