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Why not buy PlayStation 5. Good reasons to choose PS4

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Expert Hakobyan: Game base on PS5 isn't too big to overpay for console.


Why not buy PlayStation 5. Good reasons to choose PS4
    PlayStation 5 isn't worth buying next year - the console is hard to come by, and the high price will remain for that. Sony has bet itself on the "quartet" and plans to release the last million PS4. "Newspaper. Ru "on the fact that major exclusives are a good reason to forget the PS5 in 2022.

It's going to be games.

    Sony's decision to continue producing PlayStation 4 is a reason to abandon PlayStation 5. The high cost of the new-generation console and the complexity of the purchase are only part of the arguments for delaying the purchase by at least a year.

    The head of communications at riot games in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, Gevorg Hakobian, told Gazeta. Ru, "the PS4's main feature is that the console is still actively launching games, including exclusives.

    "Sony announces two major exclusives of the year: a sequel to the horizon and a sequel to the god of war. And they'll be out on PlayStation 4. But there was a view that Sony would only be "pure exclusives," just on PS5, "he said.

    According to him, the gaming rule that is only available on the PS5 is not so big yet as to rush to switch and overpay. "Sony has had the most visits across the platform. Exceptions are evil spirits, new Ratchet, and K clank and return, "the specialist explained.

    The PS4 is a good option for those who want to join visits in recent years, Hakobian noted. "Last of us: Part Two I personally went through PS4. No performance issues, the game looks luxurious, "he said.

    "Those buying PlayStation 4 now will get the console still in good shape. It has an amazing library of toys, "he said.

    For the vast majority of people, PlayStation 4 has almost no drawbacks, a gaming industry expert noted. "The console is still pulling out all the exclusives altogether. There is no 4K decision. But if you ask people, then most don't have such televisions, "he said.

You shouldn't wait for prices to fall.

    According to him, the main flaw of PS5 is indirectly related to PlayStation 4. Console prices are still held at a fairly high level and often exceed the start-up cost of 18 thousand rubles.

"Due to deficits and euro exchange rate growth, prices have risen. The base console is now more expensive than it was even 1.5-2 years ago. The average price is 20 thousand rubles, "he said.

    Hakobian noted that the buyer could be confused by the fact that the console, which was released eight years ago, is "still worth tangible money." "Initially, the PS5 can be purchased for 37-38 thousand rubles, if without a floppy drive. But then the market itself is reasoned, "the expert added.

    "If I was a new player who didn't know the console, I wouldn't hesitate to buy PlayStation 4. She rushed to buy matches from the series of most visits, which cost ridiculous money. Within a year, I was going to go through everything. By then, I'd like to think about switching to PlayStation 5, which will be sold freely, "the expert advised.

He admitted the latest exclusives require PS4 power, which is expressed in the console's noisy run.

    According to him, PlayStation 5 is far less noisy than PS4, but the two-generation sizes are dangerously different. "To their credit, the quartet is a miniature unit. Especially compared to PS5, "Hakobian added.

Sony made bet on PS4

    The Japanese company has increased production of the previous generation PlayStation 4, and plans to launch about 1 million units.

    Bloomberg, a source familiar with the situation, explained the decision from the fact that Sony realized that the PS5 deficit would not be defeated yet, and there were still enough people who wanted to take the PS4.

    In addition, this reduces the demand for PlayStation 5 is extremely rare. Already known to suppliers, PS4 is easier to assemble and cheaper to sell.

    Sony had planned to end the PS4 release in late 2021. However, a company representative confirmed that the company is not considering abandoning its PlayStation 4 production.

    Increasing PS4 production will also help Sony in negotiations over the priority of receiving PS5 components.

According to insiders, there are still not enough chips to produce PlayStation 5 - they can't even be bought at a higher price.

Online sale at the end of 2021.

    Exactly how many PS5 keyboards are coming to Russia from Sony, no name stores. Ozone's press service reported to "Gazeta. Ru, "that in mid-July they received 300 keyboards and sold them in a few hours. Citilink noted that in mid-2021 they received new condolence boards every two to three weeks, but were purchased immediately.

    Gevorg Hakobyan believes the main advantage of the PS5 is the speed of downloads. "Loading games in a few seconds. The SSD drive is really plus, "he concluded.